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The Breakfast Baddie

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Hands up if you’re guilty of skipping breakfast and opting for a coffee first thing instead. It is so common for many of us to wake up with no appetite, or skip breakfast due to being time poor *hi mums*.

Breakfast is super important for our hormones, particularly for women.

Studies have shown that ‘breakfast skipping’ is associated with disrupted cortisol levels and hormone rhythms in the body. Cortisol is our built in alarm system and is the body’s main stress hormone. Balanced cortisol levels play an important role in many body functions, including:

  • Managing inflammation

  • Regulating blood pressure

  • Increasing blood sugar

  • Controlling our sleep cycles

  • Boosting energy

  • How we handle stress, and how we restore balance after stressful situations

The reason why it is called ‘the most important meal of the day’, is for good reason. Breakfast breaks the overnight fasting period. It replenishes our supply of glucose to boost our energy and alertness to kick start the day.

A protein rich, high fibre breakfast is particularly important for women to support sex hormones, provide satiation, improve blood sugar regulation, aid in digestive function and provide energy. One study in particular showed that the consumption of breakfast, reduced hormonal disruptions in the body, provided satiation, reduced snacking later in the day and supported weight management in regulating blood glucose levels and energy expenditure.

Some super yummy high-protein, high fiber breakfast options include:

  • Wholegrain toast, eggs, avocado with a side of sautéed vegetables (capsicum, kumara, spinach, potato, mushrooms).

  • Oats topped with high protein yoghurt, sliced fruit and sprinkled with nut and/or seeds (Flax seed, pumpkin, chia, walnuts etc.). Doing this the night before is also a great option for those who have little time in the morning. It can be prepped and popped in the fridge and eaten straight from a jar while on your way.

  • Protein smoothie- Plant based protein powder with your choice of milk, fruit, vegetables (spinach, cucumber etc.), nuts and seeds.

If you would like help in supporting you with hormone levels, nutrition plans and/or information to help on your health journey feel free to send a message through our contact portal or through emailing to see how we can best support you.

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