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About Ether wellness
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Get to Know Us


'ETHER' meaning both nothing and everything at the same time. It's stillness, yet it's the very thing that makes all movement and life possible. 

Ether Wellness was established by Naturopath, Hannah Coburn, with a passion to empower individuals to care for their physical body and emotional self, and connect to their individual health needs throughout the healing process, and beyond.

Hannah focuses on delivering holistic and tailored care by utilising the principles & philosophies of naturopathic herbal medicine with wholefood nutrition to nourish the body, mind and spirit to support optimal health.

By treating the whole person in its entirety, we aim to identify the underlying root cause of dis-harmony whilst supporting the bodies innate ability to heal itself. With our professional guidance, we aim to ensure you feel cared for, empowered, and supported throughout your wellness journey.

The Consultation Process

Consultations are an in-depth and thorough deep dive into your health history, current and previous symptoms, current medication & supplementation, analysis of blood work and relevant physical examinations to determine and understand the full picture. This enables us to create an individualised wellness plan, which includes nutrition and lifestyle- advice, relevant practitioner-grade supplementation and complementary  therapies to support you on your health journey. 

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